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Certificate of Conformity
Two simple steps to request a Certificate of Conformity

A Certificate of Conformity (COC) is required when importing and registering your vehicle in another EU member state, or when importing and registering your vehicle into the UK from another EU state. For UK specification vehicles a COC is provided Free of Charge and should take 7 working days to process.  For non UK vehicles the COC will take 6 weeks to process* and will cost £100 / €125 approximately. **


*There may be a charge for some UK vehicles (registered before 2009) and in some circumstances there may not be a COC available. **Depending on the Exchange Rate on date of processing.

In order to order a COC you will need:

  1. V5 or proof of ownership for the vehicle
  2. Your Driving Licence
  3. A recent utility bill
  4. The Bill of sale for the vehicle
  5. A clear photo of the VIN plate showing the vehicle weights